Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Kimberly, Idaho

If you want to live in Twin Falls County but prefer a more relaxed lifestyle, you may consider moving to Kimberly, Idaho. It’s situated just over six miles away from Twin Falls, giving you access to all the amenities without the hustle and bustle, traffic, and noise.

Learn about about Kimberly from a local’s perspective, and what to know before moving or relocating there below.

Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Kimberly:

The location is fantastic if you want to quickly get to outdoor activities like camping, boating, hiking, etc.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you will not be disappointed by the easy access to many enjoyable local spots. If you want to take the boat out, kayak or paddle board, or have a BBQ or birthday party, Murtaugh Lake is only fourteen miles east of Kimberly.

For those who enjoy camping, the South Hills area is another option. It’s roughly thirty miles south of town, making it perfect for a quick trip without taking time off from work. Along with camping, you can enjoy fantastic hiking, observe wildlife, and relax in the beautiful surroundings of the Sawtooth National Forest. 

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A Local Guide to Kimberly, ID

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The average cost of a home here tends to be higher than other parts of Twin Falls County.

Kimberly is a highly desirable area located in Twin Falls County. The community is small yet conveniently located near Twin Falls, and you will find many options for new construction homes. Kimberly’s proximity to Twin Falls isn’t the only advantage. It is also situated near the freeway entrance, providing easy access for those who need to travel for work.

Due to some of those factors, you may notice that housing prices in Kimberly are higher compared to the rest of Twin Falls County. In 2023, the average cost of a home in the county was around $376,000, while the average cost of a home in Kimberly was approximately $439,000.

Average Cost of Twin Falls County Homes By City For 2023:

  • Buhl: $342,505
  • Filer: $348,671
  • Kimberly: $439,366
  • Twin Falls: $373,335
  • Hansen: $229,492

 *These statistics were provided by Intermountain MLS.

There are many new construction developments in Kimberly, so you will have to deal with the mess for a while during construction.

There are numerous new construction communities currently being developed, and more will undoubtedly follow in the years to come if you’re looking for new construction options.

New construction offers great advantages, including builder warranties, current incentives, and customization options. Schedule a call with me to learn more.

With a population of under 5,000 people, Kimberly is a tight-knit community.

When you are in Kimberly, you truly are reminded of a simpler time. Because of the low population you have that small town feel and your neighbors know and care about you.

Like the rest of the Magic Valley, moving to Kimberly presents an opportunity to forge lasting friendships. The shared experiences, community events, and local gatherings will form the basis of relationships that can endure the test of time. The feeling of belonging is tangible and adds to the charm of living in Kimberly.

Even though Kimberly is a small town, you can find most anything you need there.

As previously mentioned, Kimberly isn’t from Twin Falls. However, another perk to living in Kimberly is that you can find almost everything you need right in town. Whether you’re looking for a fantastic restaurant, shopping, dentist, doctor, or really whatever you’re looking for, it can be found nearby. 

I hope this helped answer your questions about moving to Kimberly, Idaho. As always, I’m here for you if you ever want to reach out and connect.

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